Oil Painting Assistant

Oil Painting Assistant 3.0

Turn regular digital images into oil paintings
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Mike Rozak

Make your photos look like they were painted using oils and brushes. Find out how to obtain any of the colors in the painting and use the color analysis scheme.

Do you have artistic interests and would like to make oil paintings, but think it's too difficult? Maybe you haven't found the right software. Oil Painting Assistant is a program that helps you all the way for making successful oil paintings from your own digital photos, scanned or downloaded images. First, you must choose the image you want to use. Then, the program lets you choose the canvas size and orientation (portrait or landscape) of your painting. At the third stage, the program performs a color analysis of the original picture and yields the color palette you can use for making your painting. You can choose which algorythm to use for generating the basic colors. These can be produced using the oil paintings without mixing them, mixing each color with black or white, mixing two or three different colors, and so on. Also, you can choose which level of detail you want in your painting. This can go from very low to full detail. Next, the program allows you to use a grid for sketching the base drawing for your painting. Finally, you can print the grided image for transfering it to the canvas. The program will show you an interactive screen that lets you find out how to obtain any color of the image by placing the cursor over it. In short, this is a very useful program for those oil painting aficionados.

Victor Hernandez
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